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Dear anonymous person,

I need to thank you for making my highschool years a living hell. You caused rumors about yourself and assumed it was me. I couldn't talk to people you were friends with, because everything WAS my fault when it happened. I couldn't be myself because you would turn it way upside down and into some fucked up retarded story of yours.

I don't give a shit your pregnant and having a baby, i don't give a shit that all of a sudden you want me to go to your place for a baby shower, acting as if nothing has happened. You lost my friendship the day you started accusing me of petty little rumors. Believing them over me, not having the balls to come up and ask me myself, you let everyone else know before me. I had to find out from other people that you were fucked off with me. What do i scare you or something? Or are you just a pussy who can't tell people what your really thinking?

I hope you realize the situation you have gotten yourself into, you cannot just throw this baby away like it is nothing? You cannont run from that? You cannot hide your feelings about it, or anything else, i hope you realize you've got yourself set into a life with no freedom and no real friends.

FUCK YOU! And enjoy your suffering BITCH!!!!!



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